Source: Sport
Date: July 28, 2006
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Messi was attending a promotional event; his face had become flushed after having spent some days in Bariloche at the most famous ski resort in Argentina. “It was the first time I ever saw snow. I had a lot of fun”, he explained.

Next season looks challenging for Barça, and this is how Messi is facing it: “we have a really nice season ahead, with a lot of tournaments and strong competitors. Hopefully we will be able to follow along the lines of last season and continue giving joy to the fans. We want more titles; a club like Barça always needs to win titles. I have a personal feeling this is going to be my best year.”
You seem very sure about that.
Yes, I feel I am more experienced and mature as a football player now. I only hope I can stay away from injuries.

Maybe Barça will help you forget the World Cup disappointment.
You must always learn from both the good and the bad in life. The World Cup elimination did hurt, and now I am again eager to play. If I could, I would start playing again tomorrow.

What are you expectations ahead of the new season?
I want to win more titles and enjoy myself on the pitch, along with my teammates and the fans.

Will the team be able to keep up with last season’s performance?
Yes, we are still hungry for glory, despite having won the Liga and the Champions League last season. Keeping up with such high expectations is always a hard job but that is what we will try to do. We have to be up to the value of the shirt we are wearing.

Which of the titles would you prefer?
I would like to win all six titles: that would be a dream come true. But we know this will be a hard season. We must go step by step.

What do you think of Barça’s new signings Gudjohnsen, Zambrotta and Thuram?
They are great. We are lucky to have such good players in our team.

Have you already started thinking about the next World Cup?
Uff… it is too far ahead. And I am still sad about the way we left Germany’s World Cup. I cannot think about revenge or things like that now, it’s just too far ahead. But of course I would love to play more World Cups, and my dream of becoming a World Champion is still alive.

Did you keep watching the World Cup after you were out?
I wasn’t interested, to be honest. I was too hurt.

They saw you crying after losing to Germany…
I heard my mother cry on the phone and I couldn’t help starting to cry myself. It was so sad…